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FalconStudios Delivers with Max In the City!

Posted on June 19, 2018 has begun releasing scenes from a remarkable DVD. Max In The City stars many well built, handsome models with nice cocks. These smoking hot hunks will certainly help convert your traffic!

When Max Adonis moves to San Francisco, he's in for a horny treat as he discovers all the new things that await him. In the City by the Bay, anything goes! The tale of 'Max In the City' is told by award-winning director Tony Dimarco and his eight SF hunks. Max hasn't seen his high school buddy, Seth Santoro , in almost 10 years. The sexual tension from all that time apart is shattered when they suck each other off and flip fuck to satisfy a decade of curiosity ending with Max drenched in cum.

When Roman Todd rents a room from Lucas Leon the sparks fly when Lucas offers up his ass ending with a massive facial from Roman's thick rod. When Max discovers he's short on cash after ordering a pizza, delivery guy Tyler Roberts , suggests an alternative payment method. Max gets on his knees and works for his meal by sucking Tyler's thick dick. In the end, Max gets a hole eaten out, a face full of cum, and a free pizza.

Cade Maddox and his realtor are visiting a luxury condo that isn't really in the budget. Cade has an idea that he hopes will get the price down. He slides his dick into his realtor's tight ass and pumps away until his face and chest are covered in cum.

When Max meets his new neighbor Skyy Knox , he becomes interested and curious about the ripped stud. After Skyy makes the first move, the two swap head and flip-fuck until Max covers Skyy's face and tongue with a warm load.

With 'Max In the City' , every cock is fair game, and every ass is up for fucking.

The first scene is live on the site, and there are 4 more on the way!

ActiveDuty Releases Donte Thick & Princeton Price!

Posted on May 18, 2018
Hello Affiliates!

Just released on is an insanely hot scene from this 100% Bareback site! Donte Thick & Princeton Price has received rave reviews from current members and is sure to help you convert your military and bareback traffic! These hot recruits are a must promote!

Princeton wraps his eager mouth around Donte's very thick and hard cock, making him squirm with every slurp. Donte starts to face fuck him deep, making Princeton choke with pleasure. They switch it up and Donte begins to give Princeton a very sloppy and hot BJ. Donte gets his face fucked hard as Princeton thrusts deep into his wet dripping mouth. These two sexy studs are taking it to the next level with their BJ skills. Princeton bends Donte over the bed and takes that ass to town. He fucks Donte so hard and at one point he grabs his arms pulling him back and thrusting hard and fast into Donte. Princeton gives no mercy on this tight eager hole and Donte loves every moment of it. They both are in sync as the pleasure intensifies and Princeton's nut builds up for an epic release. With a few more hard thrusts deep in Donte's amazing hole, Princeton pulls out and cums all over Donte's cock and balls. Donte uses both cocks to stroke himself with until he erupts like a volcano, leaving cum drenched all over the place!

Let us know if we can help you promote this release!


Posted on April 26, 2018

In honor of MASTURBATION MONTH; we have an extra special promotional offer available for affiliates!

We are offering our sites at $9.95 for the first 30 days of the membership for the entire month of May, 2018! These memberships will rebill at the regular 30 day price for the respective site, after the initial period.

Please note that the promo offer is available revshare only -and you need to opt into the promo by emailing .

Don't miss out!

Falcon Studios Releases Service Me!

Posted on April 26, 2018

Hello Affiliates!

We have recently optimized the tour, removing some legacy links to improve the chances of converting affiliate traffic! This on top of the upcoming masturbation month promo makes this the perfect time to promote the gorgeous, muscular men of Falcon!

We are offering our BuddyProfits sites at $9.95 FOR THE FIRST 30 DAYS of the membership for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY, 2018! These memberships will rebill at the regular 30 day price for the respective site, after the initial period. Please note that the promo offer is available REVSHARE ONLY -and you NEED TO OPT INTO THE PROMO by emailing AFFILIATES@GAMMAE.COM ! Don't miss out!

4 Scenes in the latest FalconStudios series ' Service Me! ' have also been released on the site and met with great response! Sometimes we need a hot, sexy man to provide a little extra assistance putting that new shelf together or to give us some help getting off! Director Tony Dimarco films ten horny hunks who offer support and sexual abandon in 'Service Me!' These studs go the extra mile to get the job done. When Brett Dylan needs an extra hand assembling his new furniture, he calls on muscly handyman Alex Mecum to help him out. The two ditch building the shelf to fuck hard on the living room floor instead. Casey Jack's dildo is clogging the dishwasher so plumber JJ Knight comes by to help fix the issue and give Casey something a little bigger deep in his hole. Johnny V gets a packaged delivered but wants the package in Tyler Roberts' pants instead. Brett Dylan helps Pierce Paris apply some lotion for the tanning bed and they both end up with a mouthful of each other's cum. Skyy Knox's new pool boy Sean Maygers is enjoying his first day on the job when Skyy greets him and shows him how he likes things to go around his place and his ass. Wesley Woods is clueless when it comes to setting up his massive new TV so he calls on Pierce Paris to help out. Wesley gets distracted by Pierce's massive bulge and goes for a ride on his cock, ending with a mouthful of Pierce's load. Whether you need a handyman or just a man to swing by and man-handle you, you can always count on the studs of 'Service Me!' to deliver. There are 2 more scenes to come in this 100% hunk series!

Let us know if we can help you promote this release!

NextDoorRaw Releases Brothers Share!

Posted on April 19, 2018

Recently released on is a bareback threesome treat ' Brothers Share ', with 3 of the most gorgeous hunks available!!!

With his latest fuckbuddy set to come over later, Mark Long asks step-brother Roman Todd if he's interested in a little tag team action. Roman is always down but he asks Mark if his dude will be into it. Mark tells Roman to just wait until they start and then to join in, and that they'll figure out the logistics later. So when Roman hears the sounds of pounding ass going on upstairs, he takes that as his cue and creeps up the stairway. As he gets to the top, he sees Mark banging Ty Thomas from behind, with Ty's head buried in a cushion. Mark motions for Roman to come over and undress, and once he does, Mark silently directs him to switch places with him. Mark pulls out and Roman shoves his cock in, and Ty is none the wiser as both brothers take turns having their way with him. Mark watches Roman get all up in Ty's ass and decides to nudge up behind Roman, slipping his cock inside Roman's raw hole as Roman continues to fuck Ty. Soon enough, Ty discovers whose cock is pounding him, and though he's intially stunned and upset, he quickly agrees that whoever has been fucking him has been doing it right. So the three of them move over to the sofa where both brothers take a turn riding Ty's cock. Mark barely gets Ty's cock inside of him when Ty has to spit his load, so Mark decides to mount Roman, but Roman can't hold his nut either, losing it all over himself. Mark feels left out so both Ty and Roman sit him down on the couch and suck him off together. He's saved the best load for last, as he spits his massive batch all over himself, and the three of them fall back onto the couch together.

Promote this release and give your traffic access to all 17 NextDoorStudios sites!

Let us know if we can help you promote this release! Next Door Raw is 100% Bareback!

Check out the trailer below!

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