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Rod's Room Launch Aug 16th

Posted on August 11, 2022


Check out our Coming Soon page


Buddy Profits is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Rod's Room! Rod's Room is a professional photography studio dedicated to creating captivating content showcasing energy and raw sexuality. Our goal is to create something fans are dying to watch: their favorite models together like they've never seen them before. 

In an effort to help affiliates promote what is sure to be one of the top gay sites of 2022 and beyond, we've created a promo pack for you. You'll find high-res imagery that is sure to capture your surfer's attention. You can also grab these in the Banner Farm of the stats.


Back to School Promo

Posted on August 09, 2022

We are excited to announce that we are running our Back to School Promo 2022 for all BuddyProfits. In order to help you promote this promo, we created a promo pack for you guys. You'll find high-res images along with promo overlays to help you create any banners you'd like:
Simply Click This DropBox Link

By all means, give us feedback! If there are any suggestions, sizes you are missing etc. we are glad to help.

Promo: August 15th - 22nd

We will offer your surfers $9.95 / 30 days and $95.40 / 365 days for all Buddy sites and for /, where we offer buy 6 months, get 6 months FREE!

We would simply need your ADVIDs and will get the pricing added across BuddyProfits!

You can also let us know if there's another pricing point you would like to promote.

ChaosMen is now Part of Gamma Entertainment!

Posted on July 06, 2022

FameDollars is proud to announce that we are integrating the all-new ChaosMen into our affiliate program on July 5, 2022.

Note to current BuddyProfits affiliates, please use your existing affiliate id and login credentials to access FameDollars.

ChaosMen has been producing high quality gay videos since 2006, including solo and hardcore updates. The site boasts over 2,700 videos and updates three times a week.

We are also pleased to announce the relaunch of the ChaosMen site on a new and responsive platform to be unveiled on July 5th.

This new site is aimed to improve conversion rates as well as member retention by adding features such as advanced search and content filtering, personalized content recommendations and much more!

The move to FameDollars allows our affiliates to have more options when it comes to promotional tools and pricing. This is also part of our ongoing efforts to make FameDollars an all-inclusive platform covering all niches in the adult world.

Currently, is powered by their original NATS platform. Existing ChaosMen affiliates will need to update ALL link codes as of July 5, 2022 in order to track new sales as of this date.

The final NATS payment will be counted as of July 1st to close out any remaining balances of affiliate payments. As of July 5th, NATS will no longer support ChaosMen promotions.


In order to help prepare for the transition, we are providing the link code structure in advance - these links will only work as of July 5, 2022 at 1pm EST:

Revshare - replace the XXXXXX with your unique advertiser id

PPS - replace the XXXXXX with your unique advertiser id

For any questions or help getting new links, banners, content packs, promos, or pricing, please contact [email protected]

$5/month - ALL SITES !!!

Posted on June 22, 2022

Start your grills because we are cooking up a rare deal this 4th of July!

From June 29th to July 7th, ALL FameDollars / BlazingBucks / BuddyProfits sites will be offered at $5/month! The best part is the payouts remain the same (50% RevShare or 35$ PPS).

All affiliates will automatically be opted in. For promotional content or for any questions, contact [email protected] or talk directly to your affiliate manager.

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram for more live updates!

New Links to Avoid AdBlocker

Posted on June 07, 2022

In our continuing efforts to make sure that your traffic converts as well as possible, we've made some changes to the structure of our affiliate linking codes. As you know, AdBlockers can pose a challenge when trying to place affiliate links on your sites. To counter that, we've created new domains for our three cash programs.

We've made sure that your linking codes with the old formats: (FameDollars) (BuddyProfits) (BlazingBucks)

Will redirect to the new domains, they will continue to work and track your sales and traffic. We do recommend that you change your linking codes to the new ones. That way, you will have a direct link and can avoid a re-direct.

You are able to simply replace the domain at the beginning of the link with the new one and keep the rest of the linking code structure intact. Here are the new domains: (FameDollars) (BuddyProfits) (BlazingBucks)

For example, here's the old linking code for AdultTime:

Here is the new one, only the domain has changed and will track the same way:

Please let us know if you have any questions, as always you can contact us at [email protected].

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